Ramon Dekkers: legend of muay thai

Who is RAMON "Diamond" DEKKERS?

Ramon Dekkers

Born in the Netherlands in 1969, Ramon Dekkers discovered Thai boxing at the age of fifteen.

Ramon Dekkers is a true legend in the world of Thai boxing . He is one of the few Europeans to have succeeded in winning in Thailand. Many European fighters started Thai boxing inspired by this man.

He was eight times world champion in Muay Thai. He has 210 fights, 185 victories including 98 by KO. In 1992, he was named Thailand's best fighter of the year.

Here is a video demonstration of the technique and ferocity of Ramon Dekkers :

Impressive stats for a fighter with a warrior's mind.

Reputed to be the best-known foreign fighter in Thailand, the land of Muay Thai, in the 1990s. He was also the first non-Thai to win the title of Muay Thai Fighter of the Year.

Ramon Dekkers and his left hook

The hook is a very important punch in boxing that requires serious work . You can't be a good boxer without having a good hook. But Ramon Dekkers' hook was something else ...

Ramon DEKKERS was renowned for the incredible efficiency of his left hook, but also for his very complete, fast and devastating leg technique. A very complete fighter, he has thrilled the arenas of Bangkok more than once.

His track record remains unmatched in the world of Muay Thai. He is undoubtedly one of the best punchers of this era. His diamond nickname comes from his technical quality in the ring and he will be remembered for his passion to win, which made him one of the most fabulous fighters of the last ten years.

ramon dekkers

The death of Ramon Dekkers

After ending his career in 2006, Dekkers focused on his teams to train new champions. The Diamond will have left behind an incredible career and will have been one of the only Europeans to have beaten the Thai champions in their mythical arenas of Lumpinee and Rajadomnoen stadium.

In May 2013, a true legend died. On his death, everyone in Thai boxing pays homage to him. Ramon Dekkers died of a heart attack, while training hard on a bicycle.

Ramon the diamond dekkers

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