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"For the warriors of the ring"

This is our motto. Tigre Thai is first and foremost a family of fighters. Since 2005, our team aims to promote the art of Muay Thai in France.

Who exactly is "our family"?

Today we are the largest family of Nak Muay in Francophonie.

Our team is made up of professional fighters, sports coaches but also young people who want to learn Muay Thai. We want to make this sport accessible to all enthusiasts. This is the reason why we offer products at reduced prices.

Tigre Thai is a store specializing in Muay Thai equipment.

Tigre Thaï is more than 15 years of existence, more than 50,000 satisfied customers , and practitioners at your service!

More than just a store, it's a family.

Our policy is to guarantee you the best products at the best prices. Tigre Thaï is to date the largest French Muay Thai store.

We wish you a pleasant visit to our site!