A basic principle for progressing in boxing

To become a good boxer and to progress, one thing is very important to accept: the blows.

As you practice boxing, you are going to have to take hits. Be careful, it's not about getting banged up!

Simply, it is a state of mind to adopt so as not to be afraid of blows. Fear is the worst thing you can have in the ring.

You must be confident!

Let's see where this fear of blows comes from and how to overcome it.

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Where does this fear of blows come from?

This fear of being hit is quite natural. It is your intuition that seeks to protect you. But this fear can be brought under control.

Instinctively, without experience, you will be afraid. Even the greatest boxing champions have known this fear of blows.

Relativize this fear and accept it. This fear usually manifests itself when you are sparring with your boxing partner: looking down or turning your back are its manifestations.

Again, it's not a shame, it's completely normal. It comes from lack of experience. It's like parachutists: at first they are afraid but then they know how to deal with this fear.

As you practice and progress, you will gradually dispel this fear.

Accepting this fear of blows in boxing is the first step to take.

Then, you have to learn to master this fear of blows in the ring. Fortunately, you are afraid of getting hit, otherwise you risk being seriously injured.

In order to learn to master this fear of boxing hits, it is important that you understand that in training you are not there to hurt yourself.

Be careful not to be afraid of the slightest blow because boxing remains a contact sport.

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How to stop being afraid of blows?

  • Protect yourself properly

Boxing is not a brutal sport! Especially if you are just starting out, protect yourself properly and with quality equipment.

To be less and less afraid of blows, it is necessary to know how to protect yourself. It is therefore important to feel comfortable and confident.

  • Work your defense so that you are no longer afraid

Work on your reflexes, your guard and your counters. When you are going to realize that you have a strong defense, you are not going to be afraid of enemy attacks.

You must be a kind of natural bulwark!

  • Remember that this is a person in front of you

Very often we are afraid of blows because the unknown scares us. We don't know much about our partner's skills (especially if we're new) and therefore instinctively we are a little afraid.

You have to put all this in perspective and remember that this is just a person, who will also give you advice if you are a beginner.

Know that in front of you it is not a monster, it is a person like you.

Have a good training!

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