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Improve your reaction time in boxing

The reaction time and the ability of a person to be able to react to a given situation in a given time. You probably know that reaction time is very important in combat sports.

This is one of the keys that can lead a fighter to victory.

Your ability to adapt to your opponent's game, to retaliate, counter, defend and attack depend on your reaction time.

Reaction time is very important for a boxer

It is his reaction time that will allow him to react to the behavior and attack of his opponent.

Let's see together how to improve this reaction time and react more quickly to your opponent's attacks.

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Reduce your reaction time to boxing

You must try to reduce the time it takes to grasp the information you receive in the ring and for that you must:

  • Work on your ability to stay focused.
  • Understand the different techniques so you don't have to think about it during the fight.
  • Do specific exercises that require effort at a specific time.

Let's see these three points in detail.

The reaction time in boxing is closely linked to concentration

Indeed, to reduce your reaction time, you have to concentrate. It seems obvious but as the fight progresses the concentration of the boxer may decrease. The mind is therefore very important. So to reduce your reaction time, you have to focus on your opponent's movements.

Repeat the movements to reduce your reaction time

Then, in order to react as quickly as possible, you have to get used to these movements. Slow sparring is ideal. This allows you to analyze movements and therefore react more quickly.

So there is no secret: you have to practice and this is how our brain will adopt reflexes and instinctive reactions.

Specific exercises to improve your reaction time

Each of the qualities that a fighter has can be worked on in a different way.

To improve your reaction time, you need to do exercises that require specific effort at a specific time. You can work with a partner and make "beeps" every minute for him to perform a precise combo.

This kind of exercise will also work your reflexes.

You can also put numbers on a punch bag and every time your partner gives you a number you will punch the number on the bag.

Be creative, from the moment you have to act quickly without knowing when, you will improve your reaction time.

If you are alone, work with your timer on the phone, it's just as effective!

Combat boxe thai

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Have a good training!

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