Joe Prestia: a muay thai legend

Who is Joe Prestia?

Joe Prestia is a Muay Thai actor and ex-fighter at the same time.

Joe Prestia was born on June 5, 1960 in Sicily. It is above all about the fighter that we are going to talk about. Fighter yes, but not a simple fighter. His record speaks for himself ...

He has 85 fights, 70 victories including 30 knockouts. What more can be said ? Except that he's a real warrior.

Among his titles:

  • French Thai boxing champion 1985
  • European Thai boxing champion 1987-1988-1989
  • Thai Boxing World Champion 1990-1991-1992
  • 1993 Kickboxing World Champion

Joe Prestia is the pure warrior of the race of Dekkers, Kobal, Somsong, Skarbowsky ...

He has succeeded in influencing the world of Muay Thai and becoming an icon in this sport in France.

He is a fighter with an extraordinary mind, a real collector

Anyone who's ever watched Joe Prestia's fights will know, he's a real machine.

He has lightning in his fists and his English is worthy of professional boxers of the noble art. He also trained with Rahilou (world champion) and Proto (European champion).

Today he perfectly embodies the roles he is given in the cinema.

It was Fab - your coach

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