Improving your backhand uppercut in boxing

If a blow can KO anyone, it's the uppercut and especially the back arm uppercut.

A blow that Mike Tyson perfectly mastered to knock down guys from 2 meters.

Let's take a look at 4 tips to improve your back arm uppercut.

How do you do a backhand uppercut?

Here's how to pull off your back arm uppercut:

  1. Take your basic tiptoe position and be relaxed. Keep your other hand (my left) up to cover your chin. And yes, don't forget your guard otherwise you risk being countered!

  1. Take a step back to lure your opponent before the kick. It's vicious but very effective! As your opponent steps forward, take your support off your back foot. Make sure the sole of your back foot is in contact with the ground. You need to stay balanced and not lose power.

  1. Twist your back heel. Then, using your hips, transfer all the power generated by your body forward in your strike. If your opponent falls forward, this will be the perfect opportunity to grant your uppercut. You have to transfer your whole body by sending the blow. Look at Mike Tyson, he was even jumping when he was throwing his uppercuts, he was putting all the body care into it.

  1. Launch your strike directly at the target, and then bring your back hand back into the direct path of your chin. This is the last point not to be overlooked. In case your uppercut doesn't pass, if you don't have a guard, you're going to end up messed up. Don't forget your guard!

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Have a good training!

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