S'entrainer avec des pattes d'ours et des paos

Train with bear paws and paos

If you want to improve your speed and accuracy while boxing, training with paos and bear paws is the best thing you can do.

Paos and bear paws are a great way to improve your technique if you have a partner to train with .

These two should not be confused, however. Bear paws do not allow training only with fists unlike paos. It's the way they're used that brings them together.

Paos and bear paws are often used by boxers to work on coordination and precision in combinations.

Let's take a look at the benefits of training with these two tools.

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Why train with paos or bear paws?

There are many advantages to training with bear paws and paos .

Paos and bear paws to improve technique and speed:

Working with bear paws and paos during your training of boxing will allow you to work on your coordination. Indeed, you will have to strike according to the combination chosen by your coach or your partner. Train with paos and boxing bear paws will allow you to sharpen your technique and your ability to adapt to different combinations.

It is your coach of boxing or your partner who decides the pace and you must adapt to the positions of the bear paws and paos .

How to train with bear paws?

To train with bear paws you need a partner, otherwise you must train with a punch bag .

Training with bear paws requires a real involvement of the boxer and the one who holds the bear paws.

The person holding the bear paws must push the knocker to be reactive, to perform various and varied combinations.

It is important to work technically with bear paws and not to try to hit as hard as possible.

Bear paws allow you to work on your speed, your technique but also your defense. The person holding the bear paws should also kick you. This is why bear paws are so interesting. They allow the boxer to work from various angles.

As you train with Bear Paws , you will improve your targeting. In real combat this will be of great use to you! You will be more and more precise offensively.

You get it, bear paws improve your accuracy. Making combinations over and over helps to develop the combinations that you are proficient in. In real combat, in the boxing ring , you won't even have to think.

Training on bear paws helps improve your speed as you are pushed to adapt to your coach holding bear paws.

How to train in paos?

Paos are different from bear paws: they are bigger. The advantage of paos over bear paws is that they also allow you to work on your kicks.

For hand-to-hand sports, such as Muay Thai or kickboxing, this is the perfect tool.

They are moving targets, just like bear paws and therefore they allow you to work on your speed, your precision as well as your power.

Bear paws are more focused on speed and precision than paos


Paos and bear paws to develop your reflexes

The mobility of the bear paws allows you to vary the strokes and learn the right sequences. Performing exercises while putting in rhythm will help you develop your automatisms.

In addition, with paos and bear paws , your coach will be able to simulate punching attacks. You can therefore also work on your defense and counters. The work with paos and bear paws therefore makes it possible to simulate a fight. Your coach will imitate the movements of a real opponent. This will help you better understand how to handle certain situations (especially in the ring in a real situation).

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Bear paws to work on your physical condition

By training with paos and bear paws , you are doing rehearsal work. Working with bear paws is an exercise that requires intense effort. You can do split work. The advantage of bear paws is that you can work in pairs, so your partner can vary the pace depending on your endurance.

Additionally, performing intense bear paw work helps improve cardio and recovery capacity. You'll burn a lot of calories and build muscle. Small detail: it will give you a significant feeling of well-being.

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Work your striking distance with bear paws

By working on your technique and speed on paos and bear paws , you will be able to better manage your typing distance. With boxing mittens , you will develop your ability to better know if you are in range or not. Distance and range are very important elements in boxing . With boxing mitts , you will be able to develop your spatial intelligence and acquire a better knowledge of the optimal distance.

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Have a good training!

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