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7 defense tips for a beginner boxer

When you're new to boxing, you often make mistakes.

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Here are 7 tips to be able to have a better defense in boxing:

  1. Don't let your guard down. Guard is very important in boxing . Keep your hands and elbows in the air and finally tuck your head in, as if you were holding a tennis ball with your chin.

  1. Don't waste your energy running around the ring, take a step and move if your opponent is too aggressive. Think of yourself as a matador who gets out of the way while the bull attacks. Remember to hit him back. Your energy is your fuel in boxing, it is precious and will determine your ability to endure combat.

  1. Keep calm and never stop breathing. If you start to panic, ask the other person to slow down so your mind and body can catch up with you. Breathing is very important in boxing , you must constantly control your breathing. It also helps manage your stress during a fight .

  1. Don't lean back or take your eyes off your opponent when taking punches (this is especially difficult for most beginners). Watch the eyes and not losing your imbalance by leaning back will keep you stable. Pretend you have some ground to defend. Rotate so as not to be countered.

  1. Don't always wait for your opponent to finish hitting before you start hitting. Interrupt his combos and hit him!

  1. When you go against your opponent, make combinations of 2-3 chains maximum. It's about not getting exhausted quickly.

  1. Don't try to stay in a defensive stance all the time. Attack and don't be afraid to take hits in practice!

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Good training!

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