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14 training tips for beginners in Muay Thai

Here are some training tips for beginners in Muay Thai:

Whether you are new to Muay Thai or already have some experience training tips are always helpful. In Muay Tha i, there is always more to learn, whether you are a beginner in Thai boxing or a seasoned fighter.

Here are the top Muay Thai training tips to help you reach your training goals.

  • Go to the boxing gym at least twice a week

Muay Thai is a sport that requires dedication , so if you really want to improve, I suggest you work out at the gym at least twice a week - more often if you can.

There are so many aspects of Thai boxing that you need to work on (technique, conditioning, strength, to name a few) that you need to train regularly.

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Get at least 2 days in the week when you need to train.

Combine cardio with Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a high intensity sport . Often the training sessions require a lot of cardio. So do not neglect this aspect, work your endurance and your cardio.

There are lots of ways to improve your cardio: jogging, skipping rope, swimming, etc. Running is also a great way to improve your cardio. This is what most fighters in Thailand do to improve their cardio.

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Pick something you like, and don't put yourself at risk for injury. As long as you do an activity that makes you breathless and sweaty and your sessions last longer than 30 minutes, you will feel the benefits.

You can also do cardio at home.

Work on your boxing technique

During your training in Muay Thai do not try to work your strength and hit the punching bag as hard as possible. Instead, focus on your technique when practicing Muay Thai . Focus on your technique!

Listen carefully to your trainers and watch the best fighters in your gym.

Perfect your technique above all else - and power will come with it.

  • Strengthen your legs

We focus too often on the upper body in Thai boxing but footwork is just as important! Without a solid base, the upper body remains fragile.

Regardless of the martial art in question, having a strong pair of legs is essential - especially in Muay Thai.

Kicks obviously work your leg muscles and require strong legs.

Some good exercises for training the legs are Squats and Burpees.

  • Stretching

Stretching is often overlooked in sport, whether it is combat sport or not. However, stretching offers great benefits. Thanks to the stretching, you will be more supple, flexible and less prone to muscle injuries.

You should stretch to improve your flexibility and you should also stretch after warming up, and after training to prevent muscle injury.

  • Communicate with other boxers

The best way to learn Muay Thai is to talk to boxers in your gym or camp and ask questions. There are experienced boxers in every gym, and they are very knowledgeable.

Learning by asking other practitioners of boxing for advice will be a fun and social experience for you

If you're struggling with something, don't be afraid to ask your coach as they pass, or pick an appropriate time to ask another person. And getting to know other people in the gym will generally make training a more fun and social experience for you. Don't suffer in silence if you don't understand something.

  • Work your guard

A good guard is essential in Muay Thai . When you let your guard down, your chin is exposed to blows. Never let your guard down when you are a beginner, you have to work on your basics first.

Whether you are heavy bagging or shadowboxing, you will always need to keep your guard up high to prepare yourself and get into the habit of protecting yourself all the time.

  • Eat well

Your body needs to recover properly and that is by getting the nutrition you need. Muay Thai training sessions are very intense and without proper nutrition you will be overwhelmed very quickly. Filling your body full of junk food will deprive it of the vitamins and minerals it needs to recover.

Control your nutrition by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and cutting out sweets and fast foods.

Before working out, you should eat a nutritious meal about 2 hours before your workout begins to give your body time to digest it.

After training, your body will need more carbohydrates and protein for recovery.

Combat de boxe thai

  • Take individual sessions with your boxing coach

Spending one-on-one time with an experienced trainer is an invaluable experience. Group training is great, but the only problem is that 99% of your mistakes will not be noticed and corrected. When you train 1 on 1 with a coach, not only do you benefit from their knowledge, but you also get immediate feedback on your technique.

Rest and recovery are very important in Muay Thai

When you train Muay Thai regularly, your body needs time to recover and build muscle tissue.

You recover and rest better when you sleep, so try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Also, try to spread your workout evenly throughout the week as much as you can.

  • Drink lots of water

The body needs water for optimal performance. Make sure you drink plenty of water while resting and also take a sports bottle to the gym. You sweat a lot during training, so drinking plenty of fluids is essential.

  • Investing in quality equipment

Muay Thai requires a lot of equipment and especially quality boxing equipment : whether it is bands , boxing gloves , Muay Thai shorts .

As you progress in your training, you will need to purchase some of your equipment, especially for training. So when shopping for gear, make sure you do your research and buy the right gear. Poor quality equipment can adversely affect your performance and even lead to injury in the case of protective equipment .

  • Change partner sparring regularly

Muay Thai requires that you train with a partner quite often With sparrings you can learn a lot from your partner.

Training with the same partners over and over is bad for your progress. You must discover new styles of combat.

To become a better boxer r, you must constantly step out of your comfort zone and train with people of different shapes, sizes and abilities - this is the only way to teach you adapt to different styles.

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The above tips should give you a good foundation for your Muay Thai training. Muay Thai takes commitment and dedication above all else, so set long-term goals and work week after week to achieve them.

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Good training!

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