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What equipment for Thai boxing?

When we start Thai boxing, we all ask ourselves the same question: how do I choose my Thai boxing equipment?

First of all, you should know that the choice of boxing equipment depends on the combat sport practiced.

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In this case, with regard to Thai boxing, this martial art requires specific equipment different from other combat sports such as karate or judo. Indeed, in Thai boxing there is a wide range of authorized blows. In Thai boxing you can use your fists, feet, elbows and knees.

This means that your protective equipment must be adapted to all of these levels to protect you effectively.

While there are some commonalities between combat sports, your choice of boxing equipment depends heavily on your discipline. So if you have made the choice of Thai boxing, you are in the right place!

So how do you equip yourself for Thai boxing?

Unlike English boxing, Thai boxing does not require high boxing shoes.

It is a barefoot combat sport. Thai boxing requires a different boxing equipment from other combat sports since, as said before, in this combat sport, there are a variety of authorized blows: elbows, knees, feet, punches. .

Here is the list of boxing equipment needed in Muay Thai:

  • Boxing gloves Thai

Preferably leather gloves for better quality.

  • Muay Thai shorts

You are free! In Muay Thai there is a wide variety of shorts with very different designs! There is something for every taste. You can check out our collection of shorts from Thailand if you like 😊

  • A boxing mouthguard
  • The mouthguard is very important! By wanting to practice boxing, you must not lose a tooth.

    • A shin guard

    In Thai boxing, the shins are among the best weapons of nak muay. We call nak muay, a muay thai fighter.

    Kicks are very often worked on and if you start to compete, you will have to use them. So protect property! Leather shin guards are great.

    • An elbow protector: very important in boxing Thai

    Like we said, you're going to use your elbows when you're going to do Thai boxing. So in training put on your elbow pads so as not to hurt your partner.

    • Knee protector

    Like the elbow, the knee protector is essential in Thai boxing.

    • A helmet (if you do sparring)

    Contrary to popular belief, the helmet does not protect against knockouts. It especially protects against cuts to the face. So put on a helmet and stay beautiful (or beautiful)!

    • A chest protector for women
    • A protective shell

    The protective shell will prevent you from certain pain…

    As said before, Muay Thai equipment is different from other combat sports. In kick boxing, for example, you won't need elbow pads.

    In boxing you will need shoes.

    However, Thai boxing is a very complete sport, which logically requires complete equipment.

    Saenchai muay thaï fight

    How to choose the right Thai boxing equipment?

    Thai boxing shorts

    Thai boxing shorts are different from other combat sports Muay Thai shorts generally have a large elastic band to aid their support.

    To choose your Muay Thai shorts , make sure that they leave you a great freedom of movement. Muay Thai is a kick-ass sport, you need your legs!

    In Thai boxing, you will find shorts of all colors, of different styles. It is your own style that you have to adopt, be unique and make a statement in the ring. Thai boxing shorts made in Thailand are usually the best. If you need an original Thai boxing shorts you can take a look at our catalog.

    A Thai boxing shorts not only serves as training equipment but also serves to externalize your personality! Be a good Nak Muay and adopt your own style.

    Thai boxing gloves

    Choosing the right Thai boxing gloves is also very important. For this, you need to know your size. You can refer to our size guide for this. The sizes of the boxing gloves are in "OZ".

    For small builds and children (8-10oz), medium builds 12 oz and large builds around 14 or 16 oz. However, to do heavy sparring, you should opt for 16 Oz, which offers maximum protection.

    What are boxing gloves used for?

    The main function of boxing gloves is to protect your knuckles but also your opponent by cushioning the strike.

    To choose your boxing gloves you must first of all know how often you use them. Are you going to compete and therefore have intensive use or simply leisure use. For intensive use we advise you to opt for quality. When buying boxing gloves, we recommend leather gloves which are more durable in the long run.

    How to take care of your boxing gloves?

    You can extend the life of your boxing gloves by caring for them properly. This is even more important if you have purchased quality boxing gloves. First, to maintain your boxing gloves, wear bands when using them. This is because boxing gloves absorb a lot of moisture.

    Also cleaning your boxing gloves frequently will help ensure that they don't smell bad and last longer. You can use white vinegar to clean the inside and outside of your gloves.

    Also, after each boxing or boxing fight training, make sure your gloves are completely dry. To do this, drying your boxing gloves in the open air is a very good solution.

    Finally, do not leave your gloves in the sun, which can damage the leather. To dry your boxing gloves, you can use the hair dryer.


    Why is choosing the right Thai boxing equipment important?

    The choice of your quality boxing equipment is above all important for your safety. Having quality shin guards, elbow guards, mouth guards will prevent you from injury. Then, it's to make you feel confident and at ease, especially if you are just starting out.

    Indeed, by wearing Thai boxing shorts that you love and which reflect your personality, you will be much more motivated than if you trained in underwear!

    Finally, it is also for the safety of your sparring partner that you must be well equipped.By having quality boxing gloves you reduce the risk of opponent injury

    In conclusion, having quality Thai boxing equipment is simply essential . Boxing equipment is an investment for you, especially if you want to progress. You will find in our collections, all the quality material you need.

    If you found this article interesting, please share it with other boxers who may benefit from it. Also, if you have any additional tips please add them to the comments section.

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