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Overcome the fear of blows in boxing

To become a good boxer and to progress, one thing is very important to accept: the blows.

While practicing a combat sport, you will have to TAKE and GIVE punches.

Fortunately, you are afraid of taking hits, otherwise you risk being seriously injured. Fear is nothing more than a protective instinctive reaction.

Let's see where this fear of boxing hits comes from and how to overcome it.

But before that, look a bit like some don't mind blows ...

Where does this fear of blows come from?

This fear of being hit is quite natural. It is your intuition that seeks to protect you. But this fear can be brought under control.

Perhaps the main source of this fear is having expectations that are too high. Watching boxing movies and seeing characters like Mike Tyson can make you want to go too fast. Take your time, Mike Tyson didn't get there overnight.

Beginners should not challenge themselves, but take the time to learn slowly. This is how you will progress. Learning does not happen in one session.

Better to stay motivated over time than to last 1 week.

Once you have mastered your impulses, you must now master this fear of blows, which is nothing more than an instinctive reaction.

Instinctively, without experience, you will be afraid. Even the greatest boxing champions have known this fear of blows.

Relativize this fear and accept it. This fear usually manifests itself when you are sparring with your boxing partner: looking down or turning your back are its manifestations.

Again, it's not a shame, it's completely normal. It comes from lack of experience. It's like parachutists: at first they are afraid but then they know how to deal with this fear.

Accepting this fear of blows in boxing is the first step to take.

Then, you have to learn to master this fear of blows in the ring.

How can you stop being afraid of blows when you box?


The most important part of getting out of boxing shots is self-confidence.

Indeed, self-confidence is what will keep you most comfortable, whether it is training or combat.

When we are in new territory, having self-confidence is not easy. In other words, if you have just started boxing and are not confident in yourself yet, it is quite natural. Boxing will allow you to develop this self-confidence.

But how do you develop your self-confidence through boxing?

Developing your self-confidence takes experience and technique. If you are afraid of being hit while you are still a beginner, this is quite normal! Don't worry, over time you will become more and more comfortable.

Rome was not built in a day!

Boxing will allow you to have confidence in yourself anyway and at this level this sport is an excellent tool for personal development.

Whatever your physical condition and your age, you can take up boxing.

Thai boxing, mma, French boxing or full-contact, whatever the combat sport, they will allow you to forge a winning mind and to surpass your limits.

Combat de Muay Thai

With training you will learn to manage your gaze, your stress and your combat attitude. Fight after fight you will be able to see your progress.

Boxing training is the key to getting out of boxing hits.

As you train you progress, you get to know yourself and you master the power of your shots.

Exercises to overcome the fear of being hit in boxing:

To overcome the fear of hitting you can do some exercises with a partner. Indeed, doing small light sparring s can allow you to be much more comfortable in combat.

You can also ask your partner to give you very light and slow little strokes in the face to get you used to this mechanism. The shots need to be mastered, it is just a matter of getting your eye used to.

Boxing protections to feel protected:

Whether it's mouth guards or shin guards, guards help you feel more confident and protected. In addition to the fact that being well protected is very important in order not to suffer injuries, boxing protections will allow you to be more comfortable, especially during sparring sessions.

In Thai Boxing and Kickboxing, shin guards are very important.

Boxing bands and gloves are also essential protections in any combat sport. They protect your hands and your training partner.

For full protection, a protective helmet is also a good tool for boxing.

Finally, when you practice Thai boxing, the protection of the private parts, with shells or chest protectors, can complete the different Thai boxing equipment.

So do not neglect the quality of your boxing equipment !

Having good guard: for better protection

Guarding is the first thing we learn in boxing. It is with training that you learn best to manage your guard. You have to protect your face well, while having a good field of vision.

Besides the boxing guard, dodges and parries also allow you to better defend yourself. All of these tools should be worked on in training. In this sense, Thai boxing like all combat sports allows you to work on your reflexes.

Talk to other boxers to feel confident:

Sharing your fear of beatings is no shame! It's normal ! Talk to your sparring partners, people more experienced than you, to give you boxing tips and tricks .

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Good training!

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