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Stress and boxing

Stress and boxing

We all stress! Even the greatest champions are stressed. Mike Tyson himself said he loved fear because it helped him to surpass himself.

We are all human, we all have the same feelings but what sets us apart is the way we deal with these emotions.

In boxing, in the ring, it's the same thing. A very good boxer, having confidence in him, will not let himself be destabilized by stress. This boxer will know how to control himself and use this stress in the right way. This stress can be used as energy and great champions know this very well. To be an excellent boxer you have to work on your self-confidence .

Watch this face to face video between Manny Pacquiao and Yordanis Ugas:

Do you think they don't stress out? Of course yes ! But they are real warriors mentally (especially Pacquiao).

How can you use your stress for the benefit of your boxing?

Knowing how to control your stress is very important in boxing . It is through your breathing that you will be able to manage your stress . Breathing will help you better deal with all stressful situations.

For better breathing, try as much as possible to slow your heart rate, that is, to keep calm. Concentrate only on your breathing, you can even close your eyes. During your rest periods, be sure to recover as much as possible.

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Stress is a reaction of the body which has the sole objective of ensuring the survival of the person. Stress causes your heart rate to increase dramatically, which is intended to prepare your body for the stress that will follow and to make your mind more responsive.

You can use your stress to perform in boxing

As you can see, if you can manage your thought system better while accepting that stress is an asset and not a handicap, you will benefit from the advantages of this state, by considerably limiting its disadvantages.

By managing your stress in boxing you will regain a big dose of self-confidence . The mind of a boxer is his first weapon, don't forget that. In the ring, a boxer who has mastered his mind , has an advantage over his opponent.

The difference between a good boxer and an excellent boxer is self-confidence .

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Good boxer training!

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