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The mind and discipline in boxing

"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. "- Serena Williams

The mind and discipline are fundamental qualities, in boxing as in life.

A competent person who is not able to master his mind will not be able to use his abilities effectively. It's the same in boxing: you have to develop your mental strength

discipline is the mother of success.

Why is discipline in boxing so important?

Discipline is nothing more than a habitual practice that prompts action. It will allow you to be better prepared mentally and help you achieve your goals. Discipline is important in all areas but especially in combat sports like Thai boxing.

The mind is the boxer's first tool. A boxer without a good mind will not last long and having a mind of steel goes through excellent discipline.


Self-discipline plays an important role in helping you progress in boxing. By demonstrating self-discipline, you won't need to be fueled by motivation.

You can't always be motivated, which is why you have to work on your self-discipline to progress in boxing.

You need to be disciplined in training and outside of training. Why outside of training? Because apart from your boxing training, your diet is just as important! The training begins above all at the table.

The mind in boxing is essential

When you are disciplined you persevere more. As your persistence increases, you keep moving towards your goal, no matter how many obstacles you have to overcome.

Discipline automatically regulates your mind to keep trying despite setbacks. With a minimum of patience and constant effort on your part, you will progress.

Discipline also helps you stay focused on your target and deal with distractions. When you are focused, you are in a better position to do your best in training.

These are the main reasons that discipline and self-discipline are necessary to progress in boxing.

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How to work on your discipline in boxing?

To work on your boxing discipline you need to get your brain used to performing tasks in a concentrated manner. To do this, be well organized, plan your meals in advance for example.

Once your training begins, leave the world behind and just focus on your progress.

To practice you can perform tasks by setting a chrono time. For example, do 20 push-ups in 30 seconds, thinking of nothing but push-ups.

These are just a few examples for you to understand the idea. The main thing is to develop your ability to do something for a while without losing focus and without needing motivation. Because yes, motivation is different from discipline and discipline allows you to progress when you no longer have the motivation to train!

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Have a good training!

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