Entraînement de boxe aux pattes d'ours

10 effective Thai boxing sequences

Often times we are uncomfortable in boxing matches when we don't know what to do. We hesitate and ultimately fail to make a decision on the ideal shot to send.

The solution is simple:

You need to have a few relatively basic patterns (2-3 patterns) that you can rely on because you know they will come out naturally, even under stress.

This is an acquired sequence. These sequences are obviously personal, that is to say, they correspond to the qualities of each one.

Here are some potential links that may be interesting:

  • Jab - Low kick - Middle
  • Jab - Jab - Direct
  • Jab - Hook - Low kick
  • Jab - Uppercut - Cross

Once you've found your pattern, you have to work on it so that it becomes instinctive. You have to spend a lot of time doing your sequence, repeating it in shadowboxing, punching bag, sparring ect

In conclusion, one of the main reasons when we are not comfortable with sparring is due to the lack of mastery of a base.

So you need some basic sequences that you can come out in a stressful situation, in combat.

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Have a good training!

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