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Beginner's mistakes in boxing

If training allows you to progress in boxing, training while avoiding mistakes allows you to progress much faster. Many beginners make mistakes when they start boxing.

It is not possible to list absolutely all the mistakes of beginners, we have all been there and we know that the list is long ... We will focus on the main mistakes of beginners in boxing.

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Beginner's mistakes to avoid in boxing

Bring your arms back to your face:

The first rookie mistake is in the arms. When you send the blows, always bring the arms to the face. Each time the arm is sent, it is necessary to remember to bring it back. Whether it's an uppercut, hook, or direct.

Have a good guard in boxing:

The second mistake is often in the boxing guard. When you throw a blow, the other hand should stay level with the face. This helps to avoid a possible counter. Many people, who are out of balance, lower their hand and remain exposed to blows. To work your boxing guard, the punching bag is a good way or even shadowboxing.

Tuck in the chin:

You always have to remember to tuck your chin in. Indeed, do not raise your head and stay well on guard: chin tucked in. Exposing themselves to blows is a big flaw of beginner boxers. To remedy this defect, you can wedge a tennis ball under your chin and be careful not to drop it. It's a great exercise to train your guard in boxing, whether you are a beginner or not elsewhere.

Remained stable on your supports:

You should always remain stable and not lean forward. Keep your bust straight and well balanced. You do not lose your reach by having this attitude, on the contrary you are much more stable in terms of your body weight.

Look at the opponent:

You don't want to turn your head when you are hit. Always look at your opponent, the gaze is very important. Never take your eyes off your opponent.

Here are the 5 tips that will help you avoid these 5 boxing mistakes.

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Have a good training!

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