5 techniques to improve your boxing reflexes

If you are into combat sports like boxing, then you must have excellent reflexes.

That doesn't mean you have to dodge all the blows like Muhammad Ali! Simply, you must be able to anticipate a minimum of the opposing movements.

Every style of boxing is different. Some prefer to concede and others to dodge, but in any case, to have a good defense, you need good reflexes.

Whether it's Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or other combat sport, reflexes are an integral part of a fighter's defense.

Besides the work of your guard and your boxing attitude, also work on your reflexes and your mobility.

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Here are 5 ways to improve your boxing reflexes


Muscle contraction is a brake on explosiveness. This is why muscle relaxation is important to be able to improve your reaction time.

The more contracted you are, the less explosive you will be. It is especially when we are under the blows of the opponent that we become tense, stressed and contracted.

When defending yourself, you just have to try to be as relaxed as possible to counter at the right time. It's the same when attacking, stay relaxed and contract before impact only.

In Muay Thai, Saenchai is an example of counterattack, video demonstration:


In combat sports there is a wide variety of techniques. Whether it is English boxing, Thai boxing or kick boxing, different techniques must be mastered. The coach gives you the technical basics, but it's up to you to draw from this comprehensive set and appropriate what suits you.

You have to forge your own character in the ring. Be inspired by the fighters you prefer.


Perform exercises that will prompt you to trigger a specific action at a given time. Specifically, it could be a simple "beep" or the command of a boxing partner. The boxer is forced to reproduce a movement, but without being able to manage his effort. This exercise allows you to work on your counterattacks and your reflexes.


Work with different partners but also with different exercises. Combine it all, adapt. Working in different situations, facing different targets, allows the fighter to learn to adapt his effort and improve different aspects of the fight.

Get out of your comfort zone and don't just face your friends in the gym. You have to fight against different types of opponents: bigger ones, smaller ones, strong ones, ect


Nothing is more important than concentration in the ring! In boxing, a fight can end in seconds, just enough time to blink.

It is essential to focus your attention on your opponent in combat but also on all the elements that constitute the fight (clock, coaches, terrain, etc.). You have to master your playground and impose your style to be as comfortable as possible.

It's also during training that you need to stay focused.Train seriously and don't waste time!

The key to your success is your training

It was your Fab coach -

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Good training!

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