Saenchai Muay Thai

Saenchai the legend

A true legend of Muay Thai, Saenchai is perhaps the best fighter of recent decades.

A unique style, an exceptional technique and a warrior's mind. This is Saenchai.

Let's take a closer look at this character.

Who does not know Saenchai ...

Saenchai is a living legend of our time.

No one fights like him and his style is unique to him. His small stature (1.66m) may seem like a drawback when it comes to melee, but his incredible ability to knock over everyone is a true testament to his skills.

He is considered one of the best fighters of all time.

He is a true technical wizard in all aspects of Muay Thai. His arsenal is extensive: quick movements, return kicks, wild leg sweeps and let's not forget his famous wheel kick. Saenchai is a fighter to be watched in the ring.

At an age when most Muay Thai fighters would have long retired, the living legend continues to fight steadily, entertaining fans around the world.

299 wins for just 41 losses, he will go down in Muay Thai history.

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