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Bodybuilding for Thai boxing

Bodybuilding and combat sports are closely linked.

Appropriate strength training can be combined very well with a sport such as Thai boxing.

Bodybuilding helps develop the punching force of a boxer

Punch demands speed, force and precision.

Improving your punch is very important for a boxer and this is possible by building muscles specifically for boxing.

A puncher has a powerful punch that can knock out his opponent. Hence the interest in building muscle with boxing!

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How to build muscle with boxing and improve your punch?

To build muscle specifically for combat sports (Thai boxing or not), you must keep a relatively high execution pace with long recovery times, i.e. around 2 minutes.

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Bodybuilding exercises for boxing

  1. Bodyweight training

By training for bodyweight you mobilize all your muscles and not external weights. For example: performing burpees, push-ups, squats ect

You can perform bodyweight strength training at the start of your Thai boxing workout.

  1. Combine heavy load and light load

To work on your explosiveness, a great way is to work in charge contrast. For that you have to combine heavy loads then just behind light loads and that without recovery time.

  1. Speed-Power bodybuilding

Building muscle by combining speed and power will improve your execution speed and therefore your punch . This requires following a training program during which your muscles must work at maximum speed and at around 35% of the maximum load.

A simple example to illustrate this: for the bench press exercise if your maximum load is 100KG you must perform sets of 10 repetitions at 35kg and this as quickly as possible.

  1. Elastic training

The resistance of elastic bands allows you to work on your explosiveness as well as your work in power.

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Why build muscle for boxing?

To be a good boxer it is imperative to have a good physical condition. Having a good physical condition will allow you to channel your energy correctly. Building muscle is as important as cardio work or technique work.

In a ring, a boxer who is not in good physical condition will not be able to use his fighting arsenal.

A boxer should be as complete as possible. This is even more true in Thai boxing, a sport that requires skills in the feet, fists but also the knees and elbows.

Building muscles specifically for boxing therefore improves your punch, your explosiveness and your power.

Along with weight training your body, you must also work on your flexibility so as not to be too "heavy".

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In conclusion, bodybuilding combines perfectly with Muay Thai. To do this, you have to adapt your bodybuilding exercises.

It is generally the exercises which require variations of rhythm which correspond best to Thai boxing. Bodyweight exercises are perfect for this.

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Good training t!

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Merci pour cet excellent article,les informations sont pertinentes concernant les différentes combinaisons possibles selon le cadre et le niveau d’entraînement et d’enseignement.🙏🏿

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