How to train on a punching bag?

For many of us, this is the ideal partner and tool: the punching bag.

The punching bag is the classic boxer's material. It evacuates stress, allows you to let off steam and progress in boxing.

As a boxer, you can only love the punching bag.

The punching bag is one of the boxer's best tools. it allows you to train alone at home without the need for other equipment.

Let's see why and how you should train with a punch bag .

The benefits of the punching bag

The punch bag is a versatile tool . Whether cardio, fitness or intensive and physical training, the punching bag can be used for many purposes. It is an indispensable tool for boxers.

The punch bag helps develop punching speed, precision and strength .

It's also a great fitness tool. It is the ideal material to release your stress or anger. After a hard day's work, nothing better than to let off steam on a punching bag!

Punch bag exercises

There are a number of ways you can train on a punching bag. It is a very versatile tool.

Punch bag endurance training:

The punching bag allows you to develop your endurance with exercises where you will have to strike as many times as possible. For this you can perform 1 minute punching the bag without interruption and with 30 seconds of recovery. Repeat the cycle 5 times.

When you want to work on your endurance, the idea is to strike as many times as possible in a very short time. Pay attention to your breathing as well. This must be deep.

When hitting, raise your fists and shoulders well. This will make the exercise more difficult to hold.

Punching bag power training:

With the punch bag the advantage is that you can punch as hard as possible. You don't need to limit your impact force. Hit as hard as possible for 30 seconds in a row then recover 15 seconds.

The idea is not to have no technique either. By combining technique with your strength, you will have a much higher impact power!

Precision punch bag training:

The punching bag is a great tool for training your boxing precision. To work on your precision, you can add a piece of scotch tape or adhesive tape on the central part of the punching bag.

The idea is to have a target in sight. You can also place numbers on the punch bag, to be able to work on your sequences.

The ideal would be to have a partner with you who will give you the starting signal. Be as quick as possible.

With this kind of training it is also your glance that will improve.

How to train with the punching bag?

The punching bag is an excellent tool to progress and improve your technique.

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Here are some tips on how to train with a punching bag.

When practicing the punch bag, use bands and gloves to protect your hands . Your hands are your tools, don't forget to protect them.

You can work on your strength by hitting hard with the punching bag, but prefer technical work. Indeed, work so as to master your strokes to refine your technique.

The technique is always to be privileged!

The goal is to make the bag move as little as possible L The goal of punching bag training is not just learning to hit more strong , but punching bag work also increases the speed of execution of punches and the development of your footwork.

Hitting power comes from technique, timing and precision.

Plus, a good bag hit means a smack and smooth hit, it's not about pushing the bag!

Improper use can lead to bad reflexes.

Also, don't get too close to the punching bag when working. Keep your distance and adapt. You have to imagine an opponent instead of the punching bag .

How do I fill my punch bag?

First of all you have to understand what happens to your fists when you hit a punching bag. When you hit a hard surface, your carpal bones are under great pressure. It is not uncommon for boxers to suffer from chronic pain in the wrists and fists.

This simply means that you shouldn't fill your punching bag just with materials as hard as dirt!

Avoid packed sand, as it does not absorb shock, which means your hand will take damage.

Your punching bag should be heavy enough, but it should also absorb shock.

The most suitable padding for the punching bag is the cloth with a little sawdust (approximately 1/4). This will result in a punching bag that is heavy enough not to move and without risk of injury.

Remember that when you practice the punching bag you must wear boxing gloves. The foam inside the glove helps absorb shocks.

The punching bag is one of the best tools to progress in boxing

Entraînement sac de frappe

In conclusion, the punching bag is a great tool to be able to train alone at home. It's a great way to relieve stress while working out your boxing.

If you use the punch bag by following these tips, you will work on your technique and minimize the risk of injury to yourself during your workouts.

Don't you have a punch bag? You can check out our entire collection of punching bags .

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Have a good training!

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