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Have a good guard in boxing

While knowing how to kick is one thing to be mastered in order to be a good boxer, having good guard is just as important.

When we start we all make the same mistake of not keeping our guard up. Our guard is our rampart, our barrier, our protection against the blows of the adversary.

Guarding is all the more important in a sport like Thai boxing where a variety of blows are allowed: you have to know how to anticipate your opponent's game.

Let's see how to improve your boxing guard.

The importance of having a good boxing guard

In boxing, defense is as important as offense. If you don't have strong defense, you'll fall!

It's one of the first things you learn in boxing. The guard is obviously used to protect the body and the face, it seems obvious. You should know that no guard is perfect.

Once you learn how to stand guard, you need to tailor it to suit your style, so you don't get in the way.

Your guard must allow you to protect yourself well enough without reducing your field of vision. Find your own style of custody.

garde de boxe

Some tips for having a good boxing guard

  • When on guard, make feints to confuse your opponent.
  • Keep your eyes open and seize opportunities to counterattack. Never look down! Be a lion!
  • Lift your shoulders well and tuck your chin in. It is about making a natural bulwark with your upper body.
  • Relax.
  • Be mobile of the bust. Attacking a moving target is always more complicated. Don't be static, stay dynamic.

Also work your reflexes to improve your boxing defense

Guard alone is not enough. You must also combine your guard with parries and blocks . Your defense should be dynamic, you shouldn't just stand guard and wait for blows.

Work on your reflexes. For that, be relaxed, it is by being relaxed that you will be able to develop excellent reflexes.

Perform exercises that allow you to work your reaction time. For example, ask a partner to give you a signal before performing a counterattack. This signal can simply be a "beep"!

When defending yourself, try to conserve energy as well. Under the blows, we can give in to stress and lose our means, which must absolutely be avoided. Keep calm in the best possible way.

Boxing training


Finally, fight back! Don't get beaten down, you're not a punching bag!

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Have a good training!

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