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4 boxing training tips

Do you need advice on how to progress in boxing? Here is a list of 4 basic tips, simple but essential if you want to progress.

Here are 4 boxing training tips that you will find useful

  1. When working in training, stay technical. Whether it's working on the punching bag or any other exercise, stay calm and master your technique .

Do not aim to hit especially hard but to "hit well". This is a mistake we often make when starting boxing.

Do not waste your energy but do a quality job, it will be much more beneficial for you in the long run. Always favor the technique.

  1. Don't exhaust yourself with every workout!

Training by giving it your all is great, but don't forget that the goal is to progress over months and years! Better to train once a week but correctly than to train every day and exhaust yourself and ultimately get injured and demotivate.

Obviously, you need to tire yourself out, sweat it out, but don't work to the point of complete exhaustion.

Sometimes you have to fail but don't do this every practice.

If you exceed your limits with each workout you may experience a decrease in motivation.

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  1. Drink a glass of water each morning when you wake up .
This little tip will be so useful to you that you will be surprised! A glass of water each morning will boost your performance and your energy throughout the day.
  1. Be humble, and ask people for advice.
When a boxer beats you, ask him how he did it. Whether you are at a professional level or not, learn all your life.
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